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Discussion in 'Facebook' started by DaUnknownAdmin, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Crystal2001

    Crystal2001 Hell-Cat

    I went to take a look at a friend's farm today, and let me tell you, we are doing it all WRONG. LMAO! This dude has decorated and arranged the haystacks in certain ways that makes everything look 3D. It's INSANE!
    If anyone can teach me how to take a pic of it from my comp I'll show it to ya so you can see what I mean...
  2. DaUnknownAdmin

    DaUnknownAdmin Captain Casual Staff Member Administrator Freestyle.FM Dee Jays

    ^I've seen them and they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool. I can't get on facebook from work so I can't add those pics here. But I will when I get back home this weekend. I like how they make it look like their Farm Houses are on top of a hill.

    I especially like the Homer head, it reminds me of Chuck!
  3. Crystal2001

    Crystal2001 Hell-Cat

    I just have nooooooo idea how anyone has the time to construct such a sexy farm!
    I'll give it a shot. Maybe. LOL
  4. Crystal2001

    Crystal2001 Hell-Cat

    You should've seen my dads facial expression when my mother was discussing the gifting of a goat over the phone with a friend. "Oh, yeah, and don't forget to send me a chicken!" and my dads like...WTF is wrong with you two? You ain't puttin no real chickens or goats in this house! Have you gone MAD woman? lolol
  5. DaUnknownAdmin

    DaUnknownAdmin Captain Casual Staff Member Administrator Freestyle.FM Dee Jays

    You mean I don't get to keep all my Farmville Coins? :confused:
  6. Crystal2001

    Crystal2001 Hell-Cat

    Ohhh of course. Just dont think you can withdraw! lmao
  7. Romeo

    Romeo WCM Ol'School Freestyler LatinFreestyle.Com

    3 more people to expand!!
  8. latina328

    latina328 VIP MEMBER

  9. SuciaMala

    SuciaMala New Member

  10. valentin413

    valentin413 New Member

    me too great game:D

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