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Evan Russell Saffer - Chemical Marketplace

Evan Russell Saffer's new video "Chemical Marketplace" from his debut solo album Neon Gas begins with Saffer going to see a doctor, who instead of nurses, has two very intimidating looking "gents" who open the door, speaking every word in sync as those their minds have been melded together. He finally gets to see the doc, proclaims that he's not feeling very well, to which the "doctor" replies: "I think I have something for you." He is then held down by the in sync twosome, while the doc gives him a "shot". The video then switches scenes back and forth between the office and Saffer performing "Chemical Marketplace" in a club setting. It's a fitting video for the song, which starts off with a frenzied but very much in control electric guitar with hard rock drums, which are then joined by a second electronic guitar and an anthemic wail of rock that leads into the first verse. The track is dubbed a floor-it-with-your-head-out-the-window drug anthem, and you will bob your head, move your body, and let your senses go wild with this sensationally well put together masterpiece. It's non-stop hard rock at its best.


Evan Russell Saffer - Chemical Marketplace : [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFqMdvfXkOc"]YouTube - Evan Russell Saffer - Chemical Marketplace[/nomedia]