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DJ Scratch straight violating an iPad & Grand Master Flash speaks of the good 'ol..

Yup...the iPad. I knew I'd see this eventually. This is coo and all but, I got to admit if I see somebody at a club, quincenera, or a party of any kind and their set up consist of an iPad and speakers? I'm bouncin'!

[nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GotldpvyFFI&feature=player_embedded"]YouTube - DJ Scratch Shows AllHipHop How To DJ Via The iPad[/nomedia]

Call me "old school, old fashioned" or whatnot cause I definately care not....and speaking of the good 'ol days, here's Grand Master Flash...well......speakin about it. The DJ introducing him is also DJ Scratch, lol.

[nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8-0M-jSOE4&feature=related"]YouTube - GrandMaster Flash At Master Of The Mix[/nomedia]
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LMAO@DJ ipad

Flash one of the first and original pioneers


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That iPad is TINY!!!!!

Illymas, I would bounce too. It's cool that the iPad is small and everything.

I would only hope that only the more experienced DJ's would go out to their nightclub gigs with this iPad (along with whatever other DJ equipment they normally use). Because one wrong move at the nightclub gig with "Mr. Tiny iPad" and you're done.