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Diamond Boy Luis "Must Be Love"


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This isn't freestyle but it's a really good music video. Freestyle artists should come out with things like this.
1. Well the guy can not hold a note. :eek:
2. The splilt screen is to busy it should be used to make a statemnet not to confuse and piss one off. :crazy:
3. The girl is a true hottie. :nanahump::nanahump::nanahump::hititbana
4. The song is a ripe off of three or four other songs. :xmad:
5. The background scenes looks like it shot on a Saturday afternoon and real fast before they got caught shooting without a permit. :(

I'm happy it's not freestyle, Freestyle needs help not another POS song.....;)

Thanks for sharing:)


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They did kinda overuse the split screen. I had to watch it a few times to see everything, lol.

And yeah, the girl got it goin' on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's probably why I like the video so much. WOW she's fine!!!!!

As far as dude's singing goes, I wasn't really paying attention. I was just focused on the girl the whole time, lol.

There's nothing wrong with a daytime video. Any later time of day might have caused problems with the lighting.

I guess after everything involved with making the music video I had a short while ago, I notice "the art of the making of a music video" far more than I ever used to and this is a pretty good one, especially for dance music. I think I saw a youtube video of this same artist performing with Aby of TKA as part of a group "Tru Voices" so this is freestyle related.
Music videos

Music videos are a strong promotional tool. The track is simple & catchy, but a major point was made when viewers only focused on the girl in the video, no one if any paid attention to the person singing or the track. I feel that a video should be more about the person, his interest, performing or studio recording clips, have family & close friends throughout the video that way viewers can relate to the artist & focus more on his or her image & music as well. I think the video industry focuses to much on what the song is about rather than who the singer is. I feel is should be a combination of both.

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I think much of it depends on what the individual artist's objectives are and also how many music videos they already have or are looking to make. The fact that music videos are very rare in freestyle and dance music in general puts the entire thing in a bit of a different focus. I remember when making mine, I had all these different ideas but when it came down to actually doing it, I realized very quickly why most music videos are usually centered around one specific theme (it has to all flow together and that's part of the art of film making). There was a lot of footage that went unused, lol.

I'm assuming that this song would be categorized as "vocal trance"? and that's not the type of thing I would seek out but the video that it had made me notice and listen to the song far more than I would have otherwise. I guess that's the whole point of a music video, to get people to notice and listen to one's music (especially with the state of the music industry currently).