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Desiree poll

Desiree poll - please vote

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Do you think I should change Desiree's look? Look at her original look in this post, and then check out the revisions in the next three posts. Please vote for the one you like. Thank you!!!



Captain Casual
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I love the original and the new look I think will grow on me, but the other two seem to have less latin features. They also have a more mature look, and I'm not sure if I'm ready to see her grow up just yet!

PS Any news on your deal?
She's still 11. Maybe I made her body too developed... my bad... I sketched these in like one minute.  So focus on the heads

Raf it's going okay, except my editor was stressed out and in a lousy mood the other day when he read the latest batch.  So of course nothing was funny

Anyway, he thinks Dez's eyes look like breasts... someone at a cartoonists' website said the same thing
 So I polled my 8th grade students today.  The girls all like the new look, but --no surprise, the boys like the big round eyes!!

They said the old look is more Simpsons, the new look is more Disney.

Thanks guys for voting
Everyone else please vote, thanks!
Holy shit, if thats just a sketch, Im even more amazed than I was before! Damn bobby! Its fine, just the boobs....I dun even think I got those.

I have yet to read your comic...I must!
[b said:
Quote[/b] (Crystal2001 @ Feb. 27 2004, 11:44 pm)]Its fine, just the boobs....
yeah, it's tricky drawing a preteen girl with short hair; if I make her too flat, people think she's a boy; if I make her too curvy, she looks 16. Sorry that happened here
If I do change her face, her body will be the same as it always was.

Thanks for the compliments Crystal... but the criticisms are even more valuable!  Jose, anytime you critique me, please be your ruthless Simon Cowell self!  That way I can make improvements before it counts.
The image with the bangs, makes her look younger.

The NEW image shows she has a lot of curves, and her expression is not that of an eleven year old.

Its her stance...pay close attention to the stance. Her stance in the image with the bangs, is a +. A bit slouched... reminds me of a young girl I know myself.

But then we have the MIXed image. The curls are adorable. She looks 11.
in teh new one she looks caucasian, the third one she looks kinda nerdy, and the last one looks as if shes a teen trying a new look... i say the third one and the orignal are the best


I like both the original and the second one. I dont like the bangs though... no surprise. I hate bangs.


I voted for the original as well!