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Cynthia, Latin Freestyle singer

Cynthia Torres, better known as Cynthia is an Hispanic-American Freestyle music singer of Puerto Rican descent. She began her career at the age of sixteen singing in a group with future fellow freestyle artist Sa-Fire, who landed Cynthia an audition for a record producer.

Dance/freestyle artist Cynthia began her career in 1987, shortly after mentioning to fellow up and coming freestylist Safire her desire to give music shot, who in turn helped hook her friend up with several auditions.

One such try out was with producer Mickey Garcia, who was so impressed that he recommended that his boss at MicMac Records check out Cynthia's talents. Shortly thereafter, she was signed to a five year contract. In the ensuing period, Cynthia issued a pair of albums -- a self titled debut which featured such singles as "Change on Me," "Endless Night," and "Thief of Hearts," as well as Cynthia II, which spawned the singles "Love Me Tonight," and a duet with Johnny O, "Dream Boy/Dream Girl." 1995 saw the release of The Remixes, which contained reworkings of her best-known tracks.

Despite a fruitful relationship with MicMac, Cynthia declined to record any more albums for the label, sensing that she should branch out into other musical styles (she correctly felt that freestyle would soon decline in popularity). By the mid-'90s, Cynthia decided to put music on hold momentarily as she returned to school (to pursue a degree in nursing), but ultimately returned back to music.

After being introduced to producers Joey Gardner and Tony Moran, the duo signed Cynthia to the Tommy Boy label. Her first release on her knew label, the single "How I Love Him" (which included a cameo from K7 from the Swing Kids) signaled that Cynthia's music was going into more of a club music direction, resulting in another single -- a 12" titled "Like a Star," which featured remixes by Todd Terry.

Although Cynthia was rumored to be working on an all new album with "Like a Star" serving as its title track, the album never materialized and little has been heard from her since. 2001 saw the release of the 12-track collection, Cynthia's Greatest Hits.


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Cynthia is Freestyle Queen

I had the honor to have meet and chill with Cynthia backstage after a performance in El Paso, Tx. May 10, 2008. I am happy to say that she and the other artistes that I meet, were awsome and Cynthia is a very beautiful person. Cynthia, if you see this, Thank you.:cool:


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Good timing for this thread to resurface as there is something I would like to point out and that being how Cynthia is one of the few freestyle artists from the old school that keeps representing freestyle without being ashamed of it. I had the oppurtunity to watch her perform the other night in a far away suburb of Chicago and I couldn't help but notice how throughout the entire performance she kept saying stuff like:freestyle this/freestyle that "thank you so much for continuing to support freestyle music all this time, keep supporting freestyle music" and stuff along those lines. You almost never hear an old school freestyle artist (an arena megashow freestyle artist) give props and credit to the genre quite like that or even at all. Most of the "arena megashow artists" consider themselves above the genre (weather or not they really are). Cynthia is one of the few that actually is above the genre (freestyle is completely done here in Chicago, but she continues to get bookings out here quite frequently, more than any other artist), yet while on stage she used the word freestyle quite a bit. I couldn't help it but notice this in real time as most "arena megashow freestyle artists" don't consider themselves freestyle artists and don't want to be known as freestyle artists. I think that shows a lot of character for her to be openly representing freestyle like that still. And this wasn't just an act, one could tell that she was being genuine.
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Yo, That Woman is a Beast when singing her Tunes. My jam "ENDLESS NIGHTS" was my joint when it came out in the 1980's. I had a major crush when I first saw that pink and white album cover. She can blow with the best of them. I can't take nothing away from her neither can anyone else. Cynthia still be killing the freestyle game with new and classic material. So I gotta big up my "GIRL" for putting herself in our Freestyle Lovin' Life. PEACE!