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Cancelled! 2008-2009 (UPDATED)


Though I enjoy your vocal stylings I must say that this season is pretty bad.
All the stories have been told and because the show its called PRISON BREAK, it kind of gives the series a stuck in a box type of feel. Same formula, where everyone is either in jail or out of jail going back in.

The can do a spin off thought. Female (Lesbian) Prison Break.
Who hooooo!


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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Though I enjoy your vocal stylings I must say that this season is pretty bad.
All the stories have been told and because the show its called PRISON BREAK, it kind of gives the series a stuck in a box type of feel. Same formula, where everyone is either in jail or out of jail going back in.

The can do a spin off thought. Female (Lesbian) Prison Break.
Who hooooo!

The singing is much worse than the show :) The storyline only seemed to be exhausted because of how the show developed. If the powers-that-be had thought and planned ahead they could have easily constructed the story to be more focused around the casts' time in prison - but the show didnt need to go that route simply because of the title. Only season one was better than this season - which suggests that the "prison" aspect of it was not absolutely vital. :)


...hense the cancellation.

This season should of been called, Prison Break: The Quest for Freedom or something like that. Just to let the audience know that they were going to be put into a situation were they could earn their freedom. They could of even put a Death Race vibe to it.

Sorry. But PB wasn't as good after the second season.

They chop the chick's head off in the third season only to havwe her come back to the fourth.

I know they explained it but Robin Tunney's character was a better character and they never brought her back.
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True, the name of the show could be misleading to some people since the setting hasn't really been a typical "prison" since Sona (spelling?) - which, I believe, was actually the shows' worst season. But I would contend that the nature of the show since then, with the characters on the run and fighting (literally and figuratively) for their freedom and their lives, somewhat parallels life in "prison".

Robin Tunney's character was better than that of Sarah Wayne Callies? Wow...if you think that I guess we will never agree on much when it comes to Prison Break :)


I watched the first season of Prison Break and was riveted.
I bought the DVD version immediately.
I watched the second season and thought that the show was really strong.
After watching the second season, I bought the first season on Blu Ray.

I put on the third season and couldn't believe how disapointed I was with the show.
Not only did it drag, but the storylines were everywhere.
I still continued to watch until the end and thought the ending was ok.

Then comes the current season, number four.
They jumped the shark to the point that they are taking orders from the Michael Rappaport. MICHAEL RAPPAPORT?! Really!? Was the third guy from Full House not available?

I sold my Blu Ray copy of Prison Break after watching the first few episodes of four. I only hope they can tie up the loose ends before the show ends.


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For me, the second season was the disappointment - the Mexican prison setting, at times, was so ridiculously overblown I found myself questioning if I wanted to continue watching the show. But I muddled through that...and was quite pleasantly surprised the last two seasons. But then again...I was not as concerned with sticking to a plot that followed a "prison" theme.

Michael Rappaport was a very poor choice for that role. But the storyline was so intriguing, at least to me, that it was easy to overlook his goofball nature. :)

The question before me is...where to now?? You are looking at a person who has never watched 1 episode of ER, American Idol, Survivor, or any of the other popular shows in recent years :)


Season 3 was the Prison Break from the overseas prison.
Season 2 is the continuation of their escape and them avoiding capture.
That was a good season because we got to explore the characters.

When they end up in prison at the end of the second season, that was when the show jumped the shark.

They had to concentrate on trying to free themselves and clear their name by going after the President.

If you are looking to get into a good show look no further than
LOST and Battlestar Galactica. You will not regret it.


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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
well whatever season they ended up in Sona was the worst season :) (can you tell I have little interest in keeping track of tv shows lol) I am hoping the last 6 episodes will be memorable....its the only show I have enjoyed watching in a very long time. Thanks for the recommendations.....


Keep singing that Freestyle.

You can also check out shows that are great but have ended.

Babylon 5
Firefly/Serenity (Movie)

Those will keep you busy.


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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Do any of the shows you mention use individual, self-contained episodes? I dont think I can take following a storyline week after week right now....I would prefer to kinda just catch some episodes here and there of a particular show but not feel like I am missing anything if I miss one or two along the way :)


with a "K" =P
You don't ask for much do you Wiz? LOL!!!!!!!

Okay on the Prison Break thing...I pretty much agree with CPR on this. The show has basically run it's course cuz how many times can they possibly come SO DAMN CLOSE only to fall right back in the pit so to speak?

I will say this though...with the MOM being on the other end of the phone call that Lincoln got at the end of the last show...THAT blew me away! I suppose I should have seen it coming after the Dr. told Michael that his mom was still alive. It will be interesting to see what way they're gonna take it now, but however they do it I hope they bring things to a close because there are so many open ended scenarios right now.


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I disagree that the show has run its course. The story as of this moment could offer so much more. And a long range future could easily exist had the network chosen to give it one.

I really dont ask for much....since television is so terrible all I want is to find one good show to watch! LOL


with a "K" =P
Wiz!!!!! When you find that show...let me know! LOL!!!!!!


They need to turn their focus to the person who set him up; The President of the US.


I enjoy "How I Met Your Mother"
Smallville is back on track this season. Last night's "Legion" episode was truly well writen; Better than "GUM GATE".

Tonight's episode of Battlestar Galactica is phenomenal.
Im going to miss this show.

Speaking of cancelled!

Swingtown. I watched a few of the episodes and couldn't believe that it lasted as long as it did. Threesomes in every episode on CBS!

Knight Rider sucks bigtime and I hope that the rumored retooling doesnt happen.
It is horrible.


with a "K" =P
Knight Rider...I watched the pilot program and it wasn't that bad, BUT when the season started I just couldn't get into it. *sigh* Another disappointment.


20/20, ABC
48 Hours Mystery, CBS
60 Minutes, CBS
America's Most Wanted, FOX
Better Off Ted, ABC
Bones, FOX
Castle, ABC
Criminal Minds, CBS
CSI: Miami, CBS
Dateline NBC, NBC
Deal or No Deal, NBC
Fringe, FOX
Ghost Whisperer, CBS
Hell's Kitchen, FOX [ADDED 5/1]
Heroes, NBC
House, FOX
How I Met Your Mother, CBS
Law & Order, NBC
Lie to Me, FOX
Medium, NBC
The Mentalist, CBS
My Name Is Earl, NBC
Numbers, CBS
Parks and Recreation, NBC
Rules of Engagement, CBS
Samantha Who?, ABC
Without a Trace, CBS
Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?, FOX
Chuck, NBC
Cold Case, CBS
Don't Forget the Lyrics!, FOX
Eleventh Hour, CBS
Flashpoint, CBS
The Game, CW
Gary Unmarried, CBS
The New Adventures of Old Christine, CBS
Privileged, CW
Southland, NBC
Surviving Suburbia, ABC
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, FOX
The Unit, CBS
Cupid, ABC
Dollhouse, FOX
Everybody Hates Chris, CW
Harper's Island (next incarnation of), CBS
Homeland Security, ABC [ADDED 5/1]
In the Motherhood, ABC
Kath & Kim, NBC
Kings, NBC
Knight Rider, NBC
Life, NBC
Reaper, CW
Scrubs, ABC
Sit Down, Shut Up, FOX
Stylista, CW
The Unusuals, ABC
Worst Week, CBS
Boston Legal, ABC
Crusoe, NBC
Dirty Sexy Money, ABC
Do Not Disturb, FOX
Easy Money, CW
Eli Stone, ABC
The Ex List, CBS
In Harm's Way, CW
King of the Hill, FOX
Life on Mars, ABC
Lipstick Jungle, NBC
My Own Worst Enemy, NBC
Opportunity Knocks, ABC
Prison Break, FOX
Pushing Daisies, ABC
Valentine, CW
24, FOX
30 Rock, NBC
90210, CW
The Amazing Race, CBS
American Dad, FOX
American Idol, FOX
America's Funniest Home Videos, ABC
America's Next Top Model, CW
The Bachelor, ABC
The Big Bang Theory, CBS
The Biggest Loser, NBC
Brothers & Sisters, ABC
The Celebrity Apprentice, NBC
Dancing with the Stars, ABC
Desperate Housewives, ABC
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, ABC
Family Guy, FOX
Friday Night Lights, NBC/DirecTV
Gossip Girl, CW
Grey's Anatomy, ABC
Kitchen Nightmares, FOX
Law & Order: SVU, NBC
Lost, ABC
The Office, NBC
One Tree Hill, CW
Private Practice, ABC
The Simpsons, FOX
Smallville, CW
Supernanny, ABC
Supernatural, CW
Survivor, CBS
'Til Death, FOX
Two and a Half Men, CBS
Ugly Betty, ABC
Wife Swap, ABC


Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
I don't watch much TV at all. I like DVD's. Never heard of most of those shows =)


Television has changed so dramatically that one can't ever get used to new programming.

I'm hoping that Dollhouse gets picked up as it has gotten pretty interesting.

My favorite Monday night show, Chuck is on the chopping block and I truly hope they renew it for a Season 3.

Heroes should be cancelled after this lack luster season;
Im contemplating getting rid of my High Def Sets since I've lost all faith in the show.

Castle is on the bubble; Cupid is as good as gone.
Why should we watch tv?

Kings was DOA.
Harper's Island has been sent to die on Saturdays.

We just don't watch tv like we used to.