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Brandon Jarod - Put It In a Love Song

Brandon Jarod's single "Put It In A Love Song" from his debut album, The Crush, is enjoyable and unique, incorporating elements of rock, metal, blues, pop and R&B. Romantic and hopeful, the track is upbeat and happening. A self-taught guitarist who learned by practicing 10 hours a day from the age of 18, Brandon shows that his skills are definitely on par with the best of the rest, as he lays down a funky guitar solo in "Put It In A Love Song".

Said simply, the lyrics to "Put It In A Love Song" are beautiful: "Wishing I could just show you/So I can capture that look in your eyes when I do/"... and later "Hands down, you're by far the best I've ever known/No need to feel nervous, I won't do you wrong/I want to put it in a love song/Feel my chest/I'm a mess over you.../Sometimes I can't find the words/I guess I've got to just show you/Put it in a love song/."

With the release of his new track and EP/CD, Brandon has established himself as an artist with huge potential and a fresh sound forged from years of experiences. Comfortable with at least fourteen different genres, this is one artist whose versatility is admirable to say the least, and if this album is indicative of future success, he'll be around for a while to come.

Brandon Jarod - Put It In a Love Song