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Boriqua Posse

My name is anthony born August 18, 1967. Yes im old, born in Puerto Rico and raised in Miami and New York. I lived in Brooklyn, Queens and finalized my journey in the Bronx. I love the Bronx, no boro like it, this is where i found music.

I represent "Boriqua Posse" and started performing back in 1988 as a back up dancer for freestyle greats who are now legends. I took an interest to music in the 1970's and would perform oldies with my siblings in the living room of my parents apartment.

My parents told me that i would someday be a star. I then started going to clubs getting a feel for the music on the dance floor, then i was approached about being a dancer. I took on the challenge and it prevailed.

Me and my brother were the circle kings we would go to Orchard Beach aka "Chocha Beach" to section five to dance it out, battle other dancers or "La Mirage". This club was small, but the whole Bronx would go there and crowd up the place.

Another spot, "The Devils Nest","Fever", "Tunnel","The Building" ,"Lamore East","1018","paleds", "The Fun House","Emerald City","Palladium","Red Zone"....too many clubs to mention.

I'm currently recording my album titled "pa que lo sepa", titled behind one of my singles. My album is being produced by me and my best friend Dutch Masta and knowlee "knowlee productions". We've all been childhood friends and were a tight unit.

I have a few guest appearances on my album. One of them is a real good friend from the group Rosas Negras, "mochuelo". I had the pleasure of meeting him at a taping for the Diamante Show.

This is a public access show for up coming and established artists this show helps lots of artists get there materials out there. Hosted by two freestyle legends, Artie, whom i have lots of love for who makes great music and is extremely funny, and his partner Legit.

Legit is a freestyle legend who is a good friend also funny but not as rambunctious as Artie, much love guys. Mochuelo and i have a song titled "Esta Noche" a very delicious reggaeton track written by "Mochuelo. For those who dont know Mochuelo, he is very dangerous as a reggaeton artist bringing it to the stage with fire.

We have one song but i know we will have many more. Much love brother, my album is eccentric! I have bachata, house, high energy house,hip hop, merengue, freestyle and possibly salsa?

Hey, who knows!

To all that take the time to read this bio i say thank you. To all that listen to my music thank you and thak you God for blessing me with the talent.

Myspace: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=98746590

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