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April 2010


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Hello and Welcome to the Freestyle.FM's April's 2010 Newsletter

What's In this Month's Edition

  1. Site News & Updates
  2. Station News & Updates

1). Site News & Updates

Socializing Freestyle.FM

- With Freestyle.FM v3.0 on indefinite hold, we are now looking towards way to increase our social profile. In addition to the Facebook log in feature, we've added recently added Facebook's Share and Like buttons to the site. Additionally we've also added a ReTweet Button for those that are into Twitter.

Recently Facebook has announced the end of their Facebook Connect and plan to replace it with the Open Graph protocol. It will be sometime before the changes take place so stay tuned as new information comes we'll be sure to keep you updated on how these changes will effect your FFM account.

Site Maintenance

- We recently purged all zero posters from our database and . If you are having trouble logging in and did not post, you will most likely have to re-register. Members with multiple accounts have been deactivated. Members with deactivated accounts wishing to have their accounts reactivated will need to contact either Ted or myself (Rafael) for further instructions.

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2). Station News & Updates

Clubfreestyle Show :
- Please welcome Gino Caporale and Perry Angelozzi to Freestyle.FM. Gino and Perry will be bringing you a new (pre-recorded) show each Monday Nite @ 9pm (EST). The chat room will be open and we invite you to stop by.

New Server Installed

- Due to unresolved technical issues regarding our last server, we were forced to abruptly make a server change. The new server is up and running without an major issues. Requests are up and running, however we are still uploading our libraries to the new server so all songs may not be available for a few more days.


- Freestyle.FM is officially in it's 3rd year of broadcasting Freestyle Music. We want to thank our members for their support over the past few years. To show our gratitude we'll be raffling off free CDs to those who participate in our giveaway. Get the details in our [ame="http://freestyle.fm/forums/showthread.php?t=20591"]Official Giveaway Thread[/ame]. So far we've announced one winner with more to come.

Congrats to Winner #1 Kristina With a K, NY - Artistik - Freestyle Parade 2010

Due the issue with our old server, we had to temporarily postpone the giveaway. Now that the new server is up and running, we can turn our attention to back to more fun activities such as giving away more free stuff! To that end we'll be giving away a Free CD every day of the week next week. Starting Monday, May 3rd through May 7th we'll be calling winners. It's not too late to participate visit our [ame="http://freestyle.fm/forums/showthread.php?t=20591"]Giveaway Forum [/ame] for the details.

Month of March Top 20 Requests :

1 L.A.W - Missing Your Love
2 Sammy Zone vs Carlos Berrios - Without You
3 Quadlibet - You Don't Know The Pain
4 Quadlibet - Take Me I'm Yours
5 Poze - I Know
7 What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy) - Information Society
8 Zavier - Emotional Pain
9 Spirit Matter - Midnight Angel
10 Quadlibet/Roger - Never Gonna Give Up
12 Angelique - I Can't Live Without You
13 Rei - Summers Time After Time
14 Back Two Basics - Bring Your Love to Me
15 Ann Marie - Without You
16 VLA - I Gave My Heart
17 Pure Trend - Who Are You?
18 Allure -Don't Tell Me You Love Me
19 Nina - You Are the One
20 Angelina - Release Me Angelina

Updated Schedule:

- Blended Beats hosted by DJ Chuckie V has been moved from Monday Nites to Tuesday Nites, with a new starting time of 8pm (EST).

- Here is our updated schedule with shows everyday of the week. Check them all out!

New Feature:

- We are always looking to expand our audience to that end we have started a channel at Last.FM.
If you're part of Last.FM network be sure to add us as a friend. Check out our Top Artists and Top Tracks as compiled by Last.FM.

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Hello Fellow Freestyle Headz,

We believe we have isolated and identified the problem as originating with the server company we were using. We have since switched servers and have experienced no major hiccups. As a result our TLHs are slowly but surely climbing. The request feature as stated several times, will be fully operational as soon as we're done uploading our libraries. It should only be a few more days.

I just want to thank everyone for their patience and support during our server issues.

Until next month!

Da Unknown Admin
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