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Anyone know any new freestyle cd's out ???


New Member
Im a Big freestyle fan since the early 90's and I been out of the freestyle game for a couple of years, my last cd was nu image so i need to know what's out that is good since. I heard a couple of songs by Artie/legit where can i get em. Let me know thanx.


If you have an FYE in Bridgeport Ct. you can look for some releases from Mic Mac Records. Or visit their site at micmacrecords.com
New Freestyle

Joe Zangie - Time Line is out . Miguel Reyes has a new single called "When You were born" I think the whole album is coming out in February and I know 12'' of Micmac Vol 4 is out, not really new songs but its a newer double cd with good quality 12'' versions. Also in 2007 Stevie B had a new version of Spring Love with Pitbull. Those are a couple.


Unfortunately. Some of those songs you can not buy at the store and can only be purchased on line. Get a credit card and start charging!

Check out Sharyn.net for new music from Sharyn Maceren.
"Don't Look back" Volumes 1&2 by Carlos Berrios are available on iTunes. There's alot of good tracks on there.