DJ Papa C
DJ Papa C

Freestyle The New School Jams Vol. 1

DJ Papa C is known in the Freestyle Community as the go-to person for new Freestyle Music. His tireless dedication to promoting new Freestyle Music is unparalleled. His passion for Freestyle has given him the ability to create truly masterful megamixes.

DJ Papa C is also well known for his Freestyle Jamz Mega Mix Series. You can listen to all his mixes on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and House-Mixes.

DJ Papa C has also appeared on The Santana Twins' Ride @ 5ive Super Mix. Click Here To Listen To His Mix. Click Here for all The Santana Twins Ride @ 5ive Super Mixes.

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Born and Raised In New York City. I love SciFi, Music and Food.
I've been involved in many of the well-known Freestyle sites and internet radio stations.

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