Singer, Dancer, and Actress E'Dee is a triple threat trained to sing, dance, and act at the ripe old age of “10”. She has performed and entertained her fans on and off Broadway, in theatres from NY to Alaska, and nightclubs from Roseland Ballroom to 1018.

FUN FACT: The fantastic and talented E’Dee was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Manhattan, New York.  Her name, given to her by her father, came from the incomparable and legendary Eydie Gorme.

Freestyle fans may know her best by her classic songs Baby It's You and Come Back To Me. However, as most of you might have noticed, E'Dee is not “credited as the singer in these classic Freestyle songs.

Listen to The Freestyle Club's “Your Name Here” conversation with E'Dee regarding contracts, maintaining your identity, being your advocate in the music industry, and why we don't see E'Dee's name on those classic Freestyle tracks.

Freestyle Artist E'dee

E'Dee is much more than just two freestyle songs from the 90s. She has continued to record music that she loves to sing. Singles titled I Stand, All My Love, Dance The Night Away, It's Now or Never, It's Over, I Want You Now, Born to Love You, and even an album titled The Many Names of E’Dee.

E’Dee’s motto in life is
“Always Be Kind to one another and Love All the Way.

E'Dee is not only a fan favorite, but also deejays love to spin her songs. She has been featured in many mixes by various deejays and has even made it onto The Countdown Showdown Mix

The Countdown Showdown - April 2020



Born and Raised In New York City. I love SciFi, Music and Food.
I've been involved in many of the well-known Freestyle sites and internet radio stations.

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