FFM DJ: Homer Jay Freestyle Music Mix 1

Freestyle.Fm DeeJay Homer Jay
Freestyle.Fm DeeJay Homer Jay

FFM DJ: DJ Homer Jay Freestyle Music Mix – 001

FFM DJ: DJ Homer Jay Freestyle Music Mix! DJ Homer Jay was a member of Freestyle.FM since Aug 27, 2005. He wouldn’t call himself a Dee Jay in the traditional sense, but rather a Mixologist. Chuck doesn’t use the traditional deejay setup of two turntables and mixer to make his mixes. He uses technology to his advantage to create his Freestyle Music Mixes.

DJ Homer Jay has taken part in many of our Dee Jay Battle series. DJ Homer Jay Freestyle Music Mix submissions prove that you don’t have to be an old school Dee Jay to put out quality mixes. His passion for Freestyle Music and knowledge of mixing structure come through loud and clear in his mixes. Which is probably why he can also provide an excellent critique of mixes, providing constructive criticisms and positive motivation for other Dee Jays.

This Freestyle Music Mix was part of our challenge mix that was done on Freestyle.FM. The challenge consisted of making a Freestyle Music mix with only 8 songs.

FreestyleFM Forum Profile: DJ Homer Jay’s Freestyle.FM Profile Page
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|: You can listen and download more of Chuck’s Freestyle Music Mixes on Podomatic.


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Born and Raised In New York City. I love SciFi, Music and Food.
I've been involved in many of the well-known Freestyle sites and internet radio stations.

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