DaUnknownAdmin 3.0 Is Live!


DaUnknownAdmin 3.0 Is Live

We unveil the latest iteration of the website; DaUnknownAdmin.Com 3.0. With a new version number comes some new features.

Listen Without Limits!

Every mix page will have a dedicated player. You will be able to raise and lower the volume, rewind and fast forward, mute, and even speed up the music. Of course, you can still share the mix to popular social networking sites and download the mixes!

There's A New Countdown In Town!

DaUnknownAdmin.Com 3.0 also introduces The Countdown Showdown. A Top Ten Freestyle Music countdown that sets itself apart from other Freestyle Countdowns. Gone are the confusing voting procedures, the problematic polls, and questionable outcomes. The Countdown Showdown is compiled by a group of Deejays that have been Billboard Reporters and have Deejayed in Clubs. We calculate each DJs Top Ten to formulate a diverse Top Ten Countdown that is representative of all Freestyle, not just a region, a station, or a single person. To make it even more unique The Countdown Showdown is a mixed countdown putting the focus back on the artists and their songs.

Podcasts and Mixes!

DaUnknownAdmin.Com has been the unofficial home to the TST Ride @ 5 Supermix episodes. We plan to continue that tradition and have included El Boricua Loco MDW and his two Freestyle FM Radio Shows, The Freestyle Shutdown on La Llama Radio 104.5 FM and The Freestyle Traffic Jam on Rhythm 105.9fm .

In addition to our weekly Podcasts, we also have Featured Deejay Mixes. We feature some of the hottest Freestyle Deejays and showcase their mixes. We also have mixes from our friends and family at Freestyle.FM. Take a look to see if you spot your favorite FFM Deejay!

DaUnknownAdmin.Com 3.5!

An Admin's job is never done. We are already working on new features for DaUnknownAdmin.Com 3.5. Stay tuned!

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Born and Raised In New York City. I love SciFi, Music and Food.
I've been involved in many of the well-known Freestyle sites and internet radio stations.

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