Dark Souls 3 DLC: PvP Arena Showcase & 2 New Weapons

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Dark Souls 3 DLC: PvP Arena Showcase & 2 New Weapons

Published on Oct 17, 2016
Source: VaatiVidya
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I recorded footage with other weapons, but decided to adhere to the US upload rules. EU was apparently much more lenient. There are videos with more information below, but beware of spoilers!

►Scott’s video explaining the Patch Notes: http://bit.ly/2ehBI5u
►1.08 Patch Notes: http://bit.ly/2eclMQk
►Peeve’s (US) footage: http://bit.ly/2ecjYXj
►PvPSkillz (EU) footage: http://bit.ly/2ezuedA (spoilers)
►Skys reddit post: http://bit.ly/2eLcFqC
►…more videos to come, when people upload them? RBFrosty & Dreadedcone also streamed their footage, I think.

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►Russian subtitles by Will MaX – http://bit.ly/1TYEidx
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MUSIC (most is royalty-free or licensed from audiomicro.com or Epidemic Sound)
►ES_Subtle Tension 18 – Jon Björk
►ES_Battlefield Flashbacks 7 – Rannar Sillard
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►ES_Ethereal Guitars Nr 03 – Jack Elphick

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