CPR JOSE ORTIZ features TKA K7 – The History of TKA

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CPR JOSE ORTIZ features TKA K7 – The History of TKA

This is by far one of the most discussed topics in Freestyle today. Original vs Replacements. CPR Jose Ortiz interviews K7, one of the original members of TKA, to get his perspective on this divisive topic. K7 goes into details on how TKA was formed, who the original members were, and who are the current members. This is the interview that caused CPR’s ClubHouse Podcast to skyrocket to the 5th spot in Stitcher. Only one other Freestyle podcast has been able to claim a Top Ten spot on Stitcher and he’s writing this article, so believe me when I tell you, it’s no easy feat to rank in the Top Ten, let along to do it as a Freestyle related podcast.

Whether you’re a casual fan, who only listens to Freestyle because of nostalgia or you’re a die-hard fan that has never left the genre and still support it to this day. You own it yourself to tune in and hear this piece of Freestyle history from one of the artists that lived it.

The History of TKA by K7 (UNCUT) The History of TKA by K7 is the UNCUT interview portions of the episode segments without the music of TKA. K7 discusses, Aby and the other former members of the group, punching a fan in the face, the history of the group, who came up with the name and concept, rebranding the group with Los and Tres and so much more. Hosted by CPR Jose Ortiz



Here is an earlier podcast featuring Aby, original member of TKA and former member of TKA, Angel.

SOURCE: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/cprs-clubhouse/e/13457392

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