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Top 10 Freestyle Songs January 2020

2019 showed the music world that Freestyle Music was no longer music from the 80’s and 90’s. Countless new Artists, Producers, Promoters, Labels, Music Streams, iRadio Stations, FB Live Deejays shows, FM Radio Mix Shows, and yes even Countdowns have grabbed the attention of Freestyle Music Fans.

SpinThatMusic takes the Top 5 Freestyle Countdowns and applies a blend of secret herbs and spices to come up with the Ultimate Freestyle Countdown.

  1. My One and Only by Johnny O
  2. I Should Be the One by Aki Starr
  3. The Santana Twins ft. Shawn Davis – Heartbeat Away
  4. Giggles feat. Charlie Rock – Memories (Artistik Remix)
  5. I Can’t Change Your Mind by LisCyn
  6. Running Redux by Sammy Zone
  7. Rise by Lisette Melendez
  8. With All My Heart by Shy
  9. All Hooked Up by Jenni Renee
  10. Now That It’s Over by GL/GA

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Born and Raised In New York City. I love SciFi, Music and Food.
I've been involved in many of the well-known Freestyle sites and internet radio stations.

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