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Benji “DJ Porkie” Castro was regularly featured in CPR's Clubhouse Dance Music show, as well as having his own spot in the neighboring State of Connecticut. In fact, it was through CPR Jose Ortiz, that I came to know DJ Porkie or the Porkster as we called him. As a Dee Jay, he spun various genres of music, including Freestyle Music, and to his credit blended them all in the mix. As a person, he was always genuine, never one to put up a front, he always kept it real. Even when the jokes came at his expense (Wash It!), he would just roll with the punches and laugh along with us.

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Clubhouse Dance Music and the Freestyle Community will never be the same without DJ Porkie's unique Freestyle mixes. But now that I have made several cameos on Clubhouse Dance Music, I feel a certain “kinship” with DJ Porkie and therefore compelled to remember him and to celebrate our shared love of DJing and Music. So, this one's dedicated to Benji “DJ Porkie” Castro, The Porkster, you may be gone, but you certainly are not forgotten. R.I.P.


I Thank You (dj porky's dedication) Nathan
Missing You – Joe Zangie
Time Passes – Lisette Melendez
Who You Loving – Fter Emotional Mix
Show Me The Way – Saige
Look into My Eye's – Bobby Delante
Forgive Me – Soniya
Mirage – Bobby Delante
Who's Sorry Now – Jonelle
I Want You Back – Wendy
Here We Are Ashley – Ashley
Why Did You Do It – EXO
Without Your Love – Angelina
Dedicated – Poze
Wiz Khalifa – See You Again

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