ANDRE THE DOC: New Wave Freestyle Mix 2


ANDRE THE DOC: New Wave Freestyle Mix 2


  1. Slipping Through My Hands (DJ Andre The Doc Edit) – TKA
  2. I Don’t Know (DJ MDW Flava JuJu Mix) – Raul Soto & A’Lisa B
  3. Running Back To You – Luis Guevarez
  4. Dragon – Adelis
  5. Hearts On Fire – Fabian
  6. This Is Life (Artistik Extended Remix) – Jessee B
  7. You Should’ve Told Me (JA Music Club) – George Anthony
  8. Memories Of Love – A’Lisa B
  9. Don’t Call It Love (DJ Andre The Doc Remix) – FFOF
  10. Believe in Love (DJ Andre The Doc Edit) – Carlos Berrios & Sammy Zone
  11. Apology I.O.U. (The Artistik Remix) – Luis Marte
  12. Baby, It’s You – Charlie Rock
  13. Pluto – Henry Vargas
  14. My Reason Why (Mr. Mig Freestyle Remix) – Elvira Miglino
  15. Summer Nights – Aiki ft. Tito Puente Jr.
  16. Take It All Back – Stevie B
  17. Black and White – Pure Pleazure
  18. Breath Away – Jae Mazor

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Born and Raised In New York City. I love SciFi, Music and Food.
I've been involved in many of the well-known Freestyle sites and internet radio stations.

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