Admin Vs Admin

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Admin Vs Admin – Admin With Upgrades (Edit Mix)

Part 1: DJ Teddy T

Bobby Delante – De Ja Vue
Joe Zangie – U Came When
Joie Mae – Promise Me Your Heart
Johnny O – Runaway Love
Maribell – Don’t Make Me Promises
Olga Rivera – Looking Through My Window.

Programs Used:
Mixed on: Serato Scratch Live
Edits done with: HZ37
Effects done with: Sony Sound Forge
Clips assembled with: Adobe Audition

Part 2: Da Unknown Admin

Chrissy I Eece – You & Me
Liaisons Dangereuses – Heart & Soul
Coro – Do Unto Me
Victoria Angeles – I’ll Give You Everything
Artie Rodriguez – Now That It’s Over

Programs Used:

Mixed on: MixMeister Fusion
Edits done with: HZ37
Effects done with: Sony Sound Forge, Cool Edit Pro, Serato Scratch Live

Special Shoutouts to Hens Zimmerman for his great software!

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