There' a new Countdown Showdown and a new #1 song. Special shoutouts to Mia and all her fans for making her the #1 song for 3 months in a row. Inside Out will definitely be a contender for this year's Song of The Year!

The Countdown Showdown also sees the return of Monet to Freestyle with her smash hit “Who's Holding You Now?”. We also welcome back Aby of TKA with his latest single “It Won't Be Long Now”, Charlie Barbie with I Can't Walk Away, and Luis Marte with his follow up to Apology I.O.U., 100MPH!

The Countdown Showdown is aired on Freestyle's Power Station La Llama Radio 104.5 HD2 @ 1PM (EST) the last Thursday of every month. Visit La Llama 104.5 HD2 FM and download the apps on Google Play and Apple Store. The Countdown Showdown is also heard on twin iradio stations, The Freestyle Radio and Music Lovers Radio. They are the premier Freestyle stations on the West Coast, having a larger audience that any other station playing Freestyle, including FM stations.  


Now That You're Gone by Synthia Figueroa
Back Over To You by Diddle D
Memories of Love by A'Lisa B
I'm Going Crazy by Mark Milan
We Were Meant To Be by Rego
Stop In The Name Of Love by Lissette Melendez
In Time By Marilyn Torres
He's Just A Step Below Me by C-Bank
Believe In Love by Berrios vs Zone
Broken Memories by Luis G.
Destiny by Jasmine Denis
Out Of Time by Luis G.
You Should've Have Told Me by GA & Cynthia

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I've been involved in many of the well-known Freestyle sites and internet radio stations.

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