10 Top freestyle Songs of January 2023

Top 10 Freestyle Songs of January 2022

10 Top freestyle Songs of January 2023

It's 2023, and time for a hard reset! 2022 was a fantastic year for new Freestyle Music. The Top 10 Freestyle Songs of 2022 are packed with fabulous music. But now we must say goodbye and make way for the 10 Top freestyle Songs of January 2023.

10.) Cause It's You by Jessee B
9.) Enough by Rebekka
8.) Love So Crazy by George Anthony & Jae Mazor
7.) Walk Away by Nyasia
6.) Rescue Me by Luis G.
5.) Fallin by Luis Marte & Jenaro
4.) Baby Don't Go by Soave
3.) Last Chance by Denine
2.) Numb by Sharyn Maceren
1.) Hit The Soul by Julio Mena

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