Sapony Nightclub

8 Overall Score
Greeting : 10/10
Venue: 9/10
Food: 7/10

Teamwork of the staff was exceptional

Food was not monitored

“The Greeting”

Our experience while visiting the Sapony nightclub was quite pleasant.
As we approached the entrance, one of the hosts greeted us like we were one of the family.
The security guards were professional and laid back. They too greeted us, checked our
i.d.’s, patted down Rafael, and checked my purse.

As we entered the Sapony nightclub, I found the size of the lobby perfectly suitable for
guests who may be waiting for their ride to pick them up, or for brief chit chats and

There was a cash register booth just past the steps and to the right of the lobby. There,
we were greeted by an attendant as well. She charged us to get into the nightclub and
stamped our hands, giving us access to the nightclub and to come and go as we please.

“The Nightclub Mood”
Walking into The Sapony nightclub, was like walking into our own living room filled with
guests. The warm cozy design of this night club stands out almost immediately. It is
unique and inviting and sets the type of mood that makes you want to dance right from the

“Dancefloor, VIP & DJ Booth”
The fun design of the dance floor makes you want to continue dancing until it’s time to go.
The vip area is cozy and the DJ booth is just right. There’s definitely enough room for DJ
equipment at this booth.

“The bartender”
One of the first things we did once we were in the club was we walked over to the bar,
ordered drinks and got to know Percy, the bartender. Percy was very knowledgeable about
the nightclub. He informed us about the nightclub’s schedule, specials and events. During
our conversation, Percy also incorporated the slogan that was being promoted on the flyer
for the particular event that we were attending that night. (“A little bit of this, A
little bit of that”). Something I had never seen a bartender do in any nightclub.

“Bartender, serve this drink up for me”
I usually order the same drink at each night club I go to. Percy served it up just right,
while making it look effortless to mix it for me. I’ve been to too many nightclubs, and I
have to say that only 2 bartenders have been able to mix this drink up just the right way.
I was impressed.

“Setting high standards”
Here is a bartender who knows everything about the night club he works for. He
incorporates the event slogan into the conversation, has great work ethics…the whole
package. Percy sets those high standard that ALL bartenders should be following. Percy’s
a great example of how real bartenders service their customers.

“The Staff”
Another thing we noticed about the staff while sitting at the bar was their teamwork. One
of the staff members, was on promoting the night club.

“The host & hostess”
The host and hostess of the event walked up to us while we were drinking at the bar and
informed us about their future events and plans with the nightclub. They were professional
and friendly.

“No road rage here!”
I have to say, I am quite thankful that the Sapony nightclub was not located on a super
busy main road filled with road rage and traffic…..and ultimately….. nowhere to park.
I had to agree with one of the event managers when he said Sapony Nightclub is Astorias
best kept secret. The location of this cozy hot nightclub is tucked away in the beautiful
37-27 32nd Street in LIC – Astoria. Only two blocks away from the train station on 36th
street and another train station on 36th avenue as well.

“The Buffet”
Although the food looked scrumptious, I was not tempted to help myself to the beautiful
shrimp cocktails that were left on the bar for the guests. Customers like to see that
their food is being brought out to them, freshly prepared. Seeing that the shrimp is left
sitting out anywhere gives the impression that it’s been sitting out for too long. Also, the

staff members were not checking the food every once in a while to make sure the food was still warm

enough for the guests.

Overall Presentation

The overall presentation of the staff from the door, to the DJ, was one of which
I had not experienced in a few years. From the moment you approach their doors, to the
moment you say your goodbyes, this staff greets you, keeps you good company, and makes sure
you are enjoying yourself. They are genuinely engaged in conversation with all of their
customers, which an old school approach that is rarely seen nor heard of in night clubs nowadays.

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