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Selling Dump Tracks 1&2 +Pin Also Deals On Bank Transfers Wu Transfers

Discussion in 'DaUnknownAdmin Site Updates' started by sellxang, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. sellxang

    sellxang New Member

    I am hungdumps, and a very good hacker with good toolz........selling for good prices.......



    Payment Method/Btc/Wu

    Price for dumps Good Balance :


    Visa Classic, MasterCard Standard - 18$

    Visa Gold | Platinum | Business, MasterCard Gold | Platinum - 27$


    Visa Classic, MasterCard Standard - 40$

    Visa Gold | Platinum | Business, MasterCard Gold | Platinum - 45$

    EU, UK:

    Classic/Standard =30$

    Gold/Platinum =40$

    Business/Signature/Purchase/Corporate/World =60$


    MasterCard| Visa Classic - 40$

    Visa Gold|Platinum|Corporate|Signature|Business – 55$

    Transfers :

    WU Transfer - 10% upfront of whatever amount you want us to transfer for you

    eg: if you want $1000 you will have to pay $100 upfront.

    We make Wire transfer and cheque transfer to

    UK and US banks .. HSBC // Nationwide //Halifax //Abbey // Capital // BOA // watchovia //

    Barclays // FCU / Regions / Wells // etc.
  2. Dorothy885

    Dorothy885 New Member

    Maybe you can help me in the future,MARK!

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