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New Profile Posts

  1. DJCaliente
    Whats up crew! Damn how I miss you guys :D Hope everyone is having a great day and night! I'm baaaack!
  2. Wichy
    What up my Freestyle.FM Family!!!!
  3. DaUnknownAdmin
    DaUnknownAdmin RiCanLiPs4U
    Hey Lipz, How are you? How's the weather in FL?
  4. DaUnknownAdmin
    DaUnknownAdmin limpie
    Hey Limpie, How you been?
  5. DaUnknownAdmin
    DaUnknownAdmin MiraBente
    Hey Mira, Que Pasa?
  6. DaUnknownAdmin
    DaUnknownAdmin shadowman
    Hola Hombre! What's New?
    1. shadowman likes this.
    2. shadowman
      Avoiding and exterminating "La'Trolls"
      Oct 17, 2016
  7. shadowman
    Y le dije que no...
  8. MiraBente
  9. NatillaLiz
    I.D.G.A.R.A. is my motto!
  10. DaUnknownAdmin
    Making It Up As I Go Along
  11. MiraBente
    It's my birthday. Send me presents!
  12. Sweet_V
    I changed my avatar!
  13. varrinique
    varrinique ELECTROCHIC
    I think it's so hot how you have the same background on your profile as you did last time we checked in. :)

  14. NatillaLiz
    NatillaLiz DaUnknownAdmin
    I've been great!! How about you?!
  15. DaUnknownAdmin
    DaUnknownAdmin Lisa Smartypants Marie
    Hello and Welcome To The Site!
    Thanks for passing by. :cool:
  16. DaUnknownAdmin
    DaUnknownAdmin DJLEXX
    Hey Lex, what's going on?
  17. DaUnknownAdmin
    DaUnknownAdmin sharonsita
    Congrats On Your High Score in Tetris!
  18. Produkt
    Wow.... long time ,,,,,
  19. Electro Chic
    Electro Chic
    Thanks Raf....
  20. DaUnknownAdmin
    DaUnknownAdmin Electro Chic
    Hello and Welcome! :o